Michael Robinson can represent you in all criminal matters from the police station to the Crown Court. He is a Higher Court Advocate and has over 28 years of experience. Because Michael deals with Criminal Law and Prison Law, he has a better understanding of how to prepare your case properly.
He can deal with everything from theft, to serious sexual offences, manslaughter and murder. He is able to help clients both during the court procedure and those in prison.
Michael leads our Prison Law Team who between them have successfully handled thousands of parole board hearings.

Youth Court Solicitors

The Youth Offending Service can help you even if you are not in any trouble access those services who will be able to offer help to you.

Whilst we pride ourselves on our abilities as advocates we cannot read minds. We need you to tell us what you say happened and to comment upon what the Police say you did . We call this “giving us instructions”. If there is anything or anyone who can help us help you then you MUST tell us.

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You are the client-not your parents, guardian or carers. We must not disclose to anyone the facts of your case unless you wish us to. That is what we call “client confidentiality”.

You may have experienced situations where you Mum or Dad do all the talking for you and the other person e.g. a teacher or head-master and your parents talk about you not to you. We will talk directly to you-and we expect you to talk directly to us. If you don’t then we cannot do our job. When you speak to us at Court or in the office you can bring anyone with you. If we feel their presence will disrupt what we are trying to do then we will ask them to absent themselves.

Only if you have committed an offence should you plead guilty and only then if there is evidence against you.

Can I get advice in a Police Station?

If you are arrested then you must ensure that you instruct us to attend at a Police Station. We are amazed at how many people think that talking to the Police about criminal matters does not require legal advice and how often those people who did not get legal advice in a Police Station regret it afterwards The Police are not there to help you. They are looking to prosecute you.

Any delay in accessing legal advice in a police station is usually caused by the Police. We are obliged to attend within 45 minutes of being told that you are to be interviewed.

When asked by the Police; “do you want a Solicitor?” all you have to say is:
“I want Emmersons”.

Our job is to act in your best interests and to ensure that the State keeps to the Rules. We can only do that if you talk to us and help us prepare your case.

No matter what you may be told by the Police you should get legal advice in a Police Station from Emmersons.

For more information ask to speak to Michael Robinson on:

Criminal Law Solicitors - Newcastle:   0191 284 6989

Criminal Law Solicitors - Sunderland: 0191 567 6667

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""I can't thank you enough for what you have done for my boy. There isn't a word in the dictionary for just how much I think of you all. You are worth your weight in gold. My son jumped out of be today and said "Dad I feel great", for the first time in nearly a year"."



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"Many thanks for your help with everything over the past few months. The outcome could've been a lot worse, so I'm not disappointed with the result."
Mrs R

"I was recently found not guilty of two extremely serous sexual offences that would have resulted in me spending the better part of my adult life in jail. My case was extremely complex involving two accusers, My Solicitor John from the Sunderland office could see my innocence and fought passionately to save me, he comforted me through two and a half years of sheer hell and made sure I got the best barrister to represent me. I quite literally owe my life to Johns decision making".
Mr. SG.

"I needed to find a solicitors to represent me in court and after ringing many places I decided to go with Emmersons Sunderland. This was the best choice as the service was second to none from start to finish. I firstly met with John Griffith and I was represented in court by Michael Robinson, both did a great job and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone."
Mr. PS.

Law Team of The Year - Crime

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