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What Could Possibly Go Wrong If You Represent Yourself In A Police Station Or Court?

What Could Possibly Go Wrong If You Represent Yourself In A Police Station Or Court

Criminal Defence Solicitors, Newcastle and Sunderland.

Too often we are visited by people who, having watched Police dramas on TV, believe that if they ask for a lawyer then it means, automatically, that the Police and the Courts will assume they are guilty. Unfortunately, this view is sometimes promoted by the Police themselves.

Everyone interviewed in a Police Station is entitled to free and independent legal advice. Listening to what the Police Officer or indeed a family member suggests is in your best interests is not the same as taking advantage of free and independent legal advice. You probably don’t know the law. You probably don’t know the system. Just being in a Police Station can create anxiety. Having a Solicitor present is your right and makes sense. Something like 50% of people detained for interview “goes it alone”. Imagine if that same statistic applied to tooth extraction or minor surgery?!

Then there is the Court process. Why on earth would anyone believe that stepping into a Court with experienced Magistrates or a District Judge, prosecuted by a Crown Prosecutor or the Police where the emphasis is on a guilty plea is something that can be undertaken without at least getting legal advice? Being represented is sensible because the nuanced way your case can be presented may well make the difference. If you sat in Court and listened to some of the “defences” advanced by people you would realise quickly that getting a Solicitor to address the Court is probably a very good idea.

Clearly, anyone who knows the law and understands the system can represent their own interests, but too often people undertake Court advocacy on an amateur basis without any knowledge or understanding and present their case in a way which only makes the entire situation much worse. At Emmersons we offer fixed fee representation, so you know how much it will cost. Certainty as to cost matters to you - and so we give you that.

Over the Christmas and New Year period the Police will have mounted the annual crackdown on drink and drug driving. At Emmersons we see the consequences of that momentary lapse in judgment when someone drives when they should have walked or taken a taxi or the bus.

There is nothing as hollow-sounding as the explanation for driving when over the limit. But we have years of experience of presenting your case in the best light for you and your family. If you are interviewed by the Police, we can attend and support you through that process. If you have to appear in Court, we can advise you and stand with you during that process. We will put your side of the case forward in the way that is best for you.

We have 20 years of continued experience of representing clients in the North East. We look forward to being of service to you.

Emmersons Solicitors 20 Years


In January 1998 Jacqueline Emmerson established her firm on John Street. It was then known as Jacqueline Emmerson Solicitors. The original premises were at 56 and had been an insurance broker and had another Solicitor, Mr Fred Walker, upstairs. Only a few years later, after her husband, Michael Robinson had joined the firm, they bought 52 John Street, and the name changed to Emmersons Solicitors in 2008.

It was challenging working in Sunderland. Because Jacqueline had no history of being in the law and because she was a woman there was some hostility from certain quarters to her daring to set up in Sunderland. Undaunted Jacqueline and Michael worked hard at building and consolidating the business. An office was opened in September 2008 on Gosforth High Street eventually moving to Back High Street in June 2015.

Gradually the business has grown along with a reputation for great service, integrity and a modern, unstuffy approach to business.

2018 is the 20th anniversary of Emmersons Solicitors Limited and so Jacqueline and Michael would like to thank all our clients, those who have supported us (UHY Torgersens and Yorkshire Bank especially) along with family and friends and of course all our hard-working staff.

There will be a variety of events during this year and so we hope to see you then.

Michael Robinson Director and Solicitor, Emmersons Solicitors Limited If you need any help with motoring or other offences do not try to represent yourself. Instead contact our Expert Criminal Defence Solicitors on:

Criminal Defence Solicitors Newcastle:   0191 284 6989
Criminal Defence Solicitors Sunderland: 0191 567 6667

Our Gosforth office is located at 137A Back High Street NE3 4ET - call in and see us at any time. We have wheelchair access, you can be dropped off at our front door, and there is free parking on the adjoining streets.

You can also park opposite our Sunderland Office on John Street.

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