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Newcastle and Sunderland Family Law Experts. Welcome to the blog of Jacqueline Emmerson solicitor. I specialise in all aspects of family law including divorce and dissolution, separation, issues relating to contact between children and their parents and other relatives. I also deal with financial settlements which can include houses, pensions and business assets.

I trained at Ward Hadaway and have over 30 years of family law experience. I was one of the first and youngest members of the Law Society’s specialist Family Law Panel. I am a member of Resolution and am a trained Collaborative Family Lawyer. I regularly contribute articles to North East regional publications and am called upon by North East radio stations to give commentary upon current legal issues affecting all aspects of family law.

I lecture to volunteers at North East charities so that they can understand in more depth the help that their clients need. I am an Honorary Solicitor for SSAFA (Forces Help).

You will find here articles and commentary which I hope will answer many of your questions regarding all aspects of family law. If having read my blog, you feel that you need further help, or a brief chat then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Family Law Solicitors Newcastle and Sunderland Do The Family Courts Favour Mothers

Do the Family Courts Favour Mothers?

October 19, 2019

It has been a long-established belief, that where custody battles are concerned, the Family Court’s favour Mothers. It is indeed the case, that previously the ‘tender years doctrine’ was applied by Judges, who typically presumed that younger children were best placed with their mother, following the breakdown of their parent’s relationship. Why? Can a father …

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Divorce Solicitors Newcastle Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic Violence Against Men

May 16, 2019

As Domestic Violence Divorce Solicitors based in Newcastle and a Family Law Expert, I was contacted recently by a researcher working on behalf of the Law Society. Did I feel that women are treated better than men in the Family Courts? Did I think that there should be any changes in the law? I was able …

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The Business Owner’s Divorce Solicitors Newcastle

The Business Owner’s Divorce

February 7, 2019

It is thirty years since I handled my first divorce case. When I started out I was dealing with simpler divorces. This would be a situation with no assets, often a short marriage with no children. As I progressed I dealt with perhaps the matrimonial home, some pensions and maybe some savings. This type of …

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Amazon - Tax Wives - Coming out of the Family Business

Amazon – Tax Wives – Coming out of the Family Business

January 23, 2019

News stories such as those in relation to Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos’, ongoing divorce. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-46814557) highlight the complexity and gravity of financial settlements in proceedings which involve so-called ‘High Net-Worth’ Individuals – particularly where those individuals are embroiled in highly-successful businesses. Of course, not everyone will have a multi-million-pound divorce settlement, but the …

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Online Divorces on Christmas Day

Online Divorces on Christmas Day

January 5, 2019

You may have heard in the news that there were 13 divorce petitions issued via the HM Courts & Tribunal Services’ online system on Christmas Day. In the grand scheme of things, this might not seem like a huge number (given that there have been some 23,000 petitions issued online since April 2018), but to …

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Divorce in Later Life

Divorce Later in Life

December 18, 2018

Many of us will experience financial anxieties from time to time. For most people, their wages or salary earned via employment will be their main source of income, and the loss of that income on retirement will inevitably invite worries as to whether they will have enough money available to continue enjoying a comfortable standard …

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