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An old friend contacted me today. Her father died in January, and this month she had to arrange for her beloved mother to go into a care home as her Dementia had worsened following the death of her husband. My friend had not wanted to broach the subject of a Lasting Power of Attorney with her parents.

She felt that it would be intrusive. But now she realised that her mother, having completely lost mental capacity, would need a Deputy to represent her using the Court of Protection. My friend was at her wit's end; she was in tears, she said that this was far too much to be able to cope with and she wasn’t able to grieve for her father whilst having to sort out all of this paperwork.

This conversation was a bit of a shock for me, I had grown up with this girl, I knew her parents well, and in my mind, they were still young. Yet here was a friend, the same age as me, faced with the daunting task of having to sell her mother’s home and sort out finance for her mother’s care. She can’t do either until she obtains legal authority. If she had persuaded her mother to draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney when she was first diagnosed with Dementia, then my friend would now be able to manage her mother’s affairs.

Instead, she will be visiting my office, and she will have to produce reams of financial information in order to prove that she is a suitable person to be appointed as a Deputy in order to manage her mother’s affairs. This will take months. It is clearly additional stress that she can do without right now.

I bet your parents wouldn’t want you to feel like this. Do you want your adult children to feel this desperate? Do yourselves a favour, have the Lasting Power of Attorney conversation.

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