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We’ve just separated, how are we going to afford to live?

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When couples separate they can often afford to cope in the short term by living off credit cards or using their savings. If one party feels that they are not to blame for the end of the relationship, eg. because their partner has been having an affair, then they are unlikely to agree immediately to a reduction in their household income. Why should they have fewer holidays or fewer nights out and why should their home have to be sold?

Emmersons family law solicitors deal with this scenario on a daily basis. We always try to deal with the emergency issues first. For example when can each parent see the children and will the mortgage be paid next month?

Things do change throughout the legal process. A person who may have been in a state of utter shock or have been consumed with anger will start to move on and see things in more practical terms after the initial separation. The reality of the cost of running two homes starts to sink in.

So how can you make ends meet in the medium term? If your mortgage is being paid on a repayment basis then you could both approach your lender to see if this can be converted to an interest only mortgage. This can often release much needed funds.

Then look at luxury items. Do you need to have your dustbin cleaned out? Do you need all of the sports channels on Sky. Do you need lots of little insurance policies for all of your electrical items?

You should make sure that you contact your council tax department if you are now the only adult living in the house. You will be entitled to a 25% discount. You should attend to this as soon as your partner leaves the house. You may also be entitled to council tax benefit if your household income has dropped. You may be entitled to child tax credit or working tax credit and you may be entitled to help with nursery fees.

We offer Collaborative Family Law at Emmersons Solicitors. (Also visit, family law). As part of this process the two of you can reach agreement about sharing your incomes in a fair manner until the matrimonial home is sold. Or the property could be re-mortgaged by one party in order to buy out the other’s share. In any event you should each prepare a list of your financial needs, rather than your wants at this stage. If your lists are reasonable it may be possible, using the Collaborative process, to reach a medium term agreement that will work for all of the family.

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