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When it comes to Divorce Lawyers the standard of help and support you can expect to receive can vary enormously. I often feel that I am a cross between Inspector Clouseau and a world chess champion!

What do I mean by that?

Being able to analyse the complicated financial affairs of a couple often requires a lot of investigation. The devil really is in the detail. I may be advised that either my client or their spouse has a certain number of investments. However, when I drill down into bank accounts I can often spot other, perhaps genuinely forgotten, assets. The little savings account that was set up years ago; there might only be a small amount of money being paid into the account each month by standing order, however, those policies may be worth thousands of pounds.

There are many items that a couple may feel are not particularly important to them. I am often told that a client has a few frozen pensions, having moved jobs a few times during their working life. However, if I delve further the pensions can actually be quite a vital source of future income, they can also possibly be used to enable an earlier retirement. At this stage, it will often be necessary for me to involve a Financial Advisor to check the pensions and advise as to the best way to utilise them. It may be that they should all be rolled into one or, if you are old enough, they could be partially cashed in now. Luckily for our clients at Emmersons, our Family Law Solicitors have access to Specialist Pensions Advisors who will not charge for an initial consultation.

Then there is the high-speed game of chess. Consider the case of Ed and Mona. Ed was a wealthy businessman, he had assets in both this country and abroad. He advised Mona as to the settlement that he was willing to pay her, based upon financial documents he had produced to us and to the court. According to those documents, Ed’s business was not doing very well. However, we didn’t believe this and uncovered a second linked business. This held most of the assets, a good company pension scheme of which Ed was a member, a great bank balance and in effect a business that, when valued by a specialist accountant, was shown to be worth rather a lot of money. Mona, of course, was tens of thousands of pounds better off as a result of our persistence.

At Emmersons, our Specialist Divorce Lawyers have years of experience. They deal with very straightforward cases up to multi-million-pound cases. To obtain the best deal for a client means being able to think outside of the box. It means having the necessary specialist contacts, who will also do a good job for our clients. It often means having to have the patience of a saint combined with the heart of a lion to be able to see these cases through to the end.

If you are considering a divorce or separation we know that you may be frightened, you may be very distressed and you may just want to accept the first offer put forward by your spouse. But did you know that in 90% of cases when a person is offered a quick deal they regret accepting this? However, in 90% of cases when a client pursues further assets and is prepared to risk a contested court case they come away with a much better deal and are far more satisfied with the outcome. In order to achieve this, your lawyer needs to be both a good negotiator as well as being able to support you and help you to reach the right outcome both for your life now and in the future.

Our Agricultural Divorce Lawyer, Rona Samuel, dealt with a client who was of the view that land, which her husband wished to retain, would benefit from planning permission. If granted the land would become very valuable for development purposes. The husband denied this. However, in order to protect her client’s position, Rona obtained an Overage Deed meaning that if the land was developed within a certain period of time, our client would receive a percentage share of the profit.

In another case, unusually the other party was a very high earner but the couple had very few assets. The matrimonial home did not have much equity and there was very little available to the couple by way of savings or investments. However, whilst Bill was a very high earner Lucinda did not earn very much money at all, having given up her career to look after the children of the family. The big problem for Lucinda was that the children were nearly adults and so any maintenance she received for them would soon come to an end. It was essential for us to obtain a court order for quite high levels of maintenance on behalf of Lucinda. This would, therefore, allow her to pay off the mortgage on the matrimonial home at a much faster rate thus leaving her in a position to be mortgage free when she retires. The court order will protect her if Bill ever decides he’s going to stop paying maintenance to Lucinda.

As you can see, the conundrums we are presented with by our Divorce Clients are worthy of much thought and strategic planning. Just like a high-speed game of chess. At Emmersons, our Specialist Divorce Lawyers have the experience to think outside of the box; to create solutions to meet our clients’ needs whilst ensuring their legal fees are proportionate.

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