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Have the cracks in your relationship become chasms over Christmas?

Separation at Christmas

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January is often a busy month for solicitors dealing with divorce and separation. You may have trundled along for months ignoring the cracks in your relationship. You possibly work shift patterns or one or both of you may work away and therefore you rarely see each other. Christmas has a habit of forcing everyone to spend time together. This can result in the papered -over cracks turning into an almighty chasm.

This might not actually be so bad. It may be a catalyst for you to sort out your differences, an opportunity to clear the air. The very threat of losing one another may be just the thing to make you realise what your relationship means to you.

For others it may be that the relationship cannot be saved. If that is the case then you need to plan what is to happen next. Who will live where, how much will a second property, maybe rented initially, cost. How is this going to be funded? It is often the immediate practical arrangements that can be overwhelming. If you feel like this then contact us at Emmersons Family Law Department. We can provide you with an outline of what to do next. If you feel able to discuss matters in the same room as your spouse or partner then we can offer you round table meetings.

At Emmersons we have been helping our clients to settle matrimonial cases for years. We will always try to help you avoid having to go through a stressful court procedure. We have had some great successes using round table meetings recently. Our clients have been able to discuss the things that matter to them. Eg. You may be less interested in your spouse’s pension when you first separate and far more interested in how often you are both going to see your children.

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