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Is Divorce The Best Option For You?

Is Divorce The Best Option For You?
The things you need to consider.
Family Law Solicitors – Newcastle and Sunderland

Did you know that 58% of marriages today will end in divorce and only 10% will reach their diamond wedding anniversary? Meanwhile, 30% of couples describe themselves as actively unhappy but feel unable to leave their marriage.

Divorce is not an easy option, and even if one party has emotionally left the marriage years before, the other party may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of a divorce or separation.

To be ready for a divorce, both spouses, ideally, must be ready and prepared to separate. If there is any doubt about ending your relationship, consider exploring options to improve your relationship. A family counsellor or therapist may be able to help. At Emmersons Solicitors our Divorce Law Solicitors have had some great results when we have involved Family Therapists. The latter have been able to identify issues that couples did not even realise were affecting them.

If you and your spouse both accept the marriage is over this will help eliminate some of the emotional obstacles which might hinder Arrangements For The Children (Custody and Access) and/or a Financial Settlement.

Before instructing a Divorce Law Solicitor, ensure that you are emotionally ready to make crucial decisions which could have consequences that last a lifetime.

There are several alternatives to fighting it out in the courts, and it is important that you choose and consider the right option available to you.

If you have children, the process you choose may affect the way you co-parent in the future.

Over the past few years, there has been a trend towards Alternative Dispute Resolution. The emphasis is on enabling you to discuss and make your own decisions for your children and your financial future while avoiding contested court proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution processes include; Arbitration, Collaborative Family Law, Round Table Meetings, Lawyer Negotiations and Mediation. At Emmersons Solicitors only 5% of our Divorce Law cases end up being dealt with by way of a court hearing.

In some cases, however, litigation may remain the only option.

If you have reached the decision that divorce is inevitable, there are steps which you can take that will help minimise your legal costs. Whichever process you have chosen, in order to reach a Financial Settlement, you and your former partner will need to have a clear understanding of the other party’s financial position. You should start preparing details of your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities.

If you would like to remain in the matrimonial home or move to a new house, you need to understand how much you can afford to borrow with a new mortgage.

Parents will need to consider the structure of future parenting. Will the children share the time equally between both of you, will one parent be the primary carer, how will the children be supported financially?

You should consider what would happen in the event of your death. What will happen to your assets and your children?

A structured and considered approach to what you are looking to achieve from your divorce will help the process run smoothly, minimise emotional turmoil and reduce costs.

When you have got close to answering the above questions, it will be time for you to find an Expert Divorce Solicitor or Lawyer.

Many people look for a Divorce Lawyer who is aggressive because they want to fight their ex-partner and ‘taken them for every penny’. Experience shows that this will be costly, frustrating and harmful to your relationship in the future. Aiming for an amicable settlement, which is fair to all parties, will minimise legal fees and avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache.

If you would like any further information about Alternative Dispute Resolution in Divorce, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Expert Divorce Lawyers are Collaboratively Trained, meaning that they will help you to avoid court, and move quickly on with your life.

We are particularly pleased to welcome Rona Samuel to our Family Law Team. Rona has over 20 years of experience in Family and Divorce Law. She is a trained Collaborative Family Lawyer and a member of Resolution. Her aim is to support you through your divorce or separation as amicably as possible.

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