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Conveyancer of the year award


Conveyancer of the year award


Reading through my daily conveyancing bulletin recently I became quite excited. There were the results from The Conveyancer of The Year Awards as voted by estate agents. I read that the firm who had won did so because " all new clients receive a bespoke tailor made welcome pack on the same day that ..the firm is instructed. Clients are assigned a dedicated case worker who will know everything about their transaction. They had back up teams who also knew the files and could help clients with any enquiries if the fee earner was not at their desk" another firm won an award because their investment in technology and service is exemplary.

That's us I thought, my husband must have secretly entered Emmersons Solicitors Conveyancing Department. Of course I reached the end of the article and realised it wasn't us who had won. The reason? We hadn't entered!

But this made me think about what we do offer our clients and referrers of work. We know we are doing well as we receive a lot of our work when clients have recommended us to their family and friends. We receive a lot of repeat business from existing clients and our referrers recommend clients to us on a regular basis. Notably even Estate Agents with whom we have no referrer arrangements send us their own work to do. We have purchased and sold houses on behalf of lots of staff in estate agents offices over the last few years.

We have invested heavily in technology meaning that we can process your case more quickly. However, we feel that it is important not just to rely upon our systems but also to continue to offer personal service. As a smaller firm we are able to work in small groups with all team members knowing a lot about each file. However, each client is still looked after by a specific lawyer with the back of two assistants.

We also spend a huge amount of time on training.
You are probably not aware that red tape is becoming ever more onerous in conveyancing. Procedures that would have been considered good enough just ten years are no longer acceptable. Therefore we find ourselves having to correct errors on a legal title on a frequent basis. What this means for you is that we always make sure that you are buying something that you should be able to sell in the future. It is no good rushing just to keep others in a chain happy. You are spending a fortune on your new home you are not buying a can of baked beans!

Recently we have been acting for a number of clients buying in a block of flats. The builder and Land Registry had registered all of the third floor properties as being on floor one. It only took us only a short period of time to have this corrected. The estate agent under pressure to earn commission was trying to persuade our client that it was ok to go ahead, other solicitors were apparently prepared to let their clients buy their flats and sort out this little Land Registry problem later! We stood our ground, put in a great deal of effort to ensure the matter was corrected by the Land Registry and were able to report to a lot of happy clients that only a short time later, their legal titles had been perfected and they could proceed to purchase.

We also receive daily alerts about fraudsters.
The scams that fraudsters come up with are more and more ingenious. It is like a high speed game of chess. Therefore we regularly share with other Solicitors in our Conveyancing training group best practice in order to protect your money. We have to check that the person who says they are a lawyer is one, that their firm exists, that the bank details for the transfer of money are correct. Nearly very week we have to change some of the ways we work. This has become essential as buyers and sellers are losing hundreds of thousands of pounds each month when fraudsters have managed to divert monies.

Even though we didn't win any national awards this year we did obtain three marks of excellence:

Lexcel which is a firm wide quality standard award, our industry version of Investors In People. This measures everything from initial advice given, standard of client service and even our complaints procedures. We also have the Conveyancing Quality Mark. To obtain this award we must prove that all of our conveyancing staff undertake specific training every year and that we follow certain conveyancing protocols when dealing with lenders and other other solicitors. We also have become members of Lender Exchange. This is the panel that lenders operate. To become a member firm we have had to prove that we take money laundering seriously and that we comply with all of the lenders' requirements and I can assure you that they are many.

So if you require the services of an excellent firm who can still offer personal service then contact us at....

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Author: Jacqueline Emmerson

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